Yellow Lingerie

It made me realise how much my cluttered cupboards and piles of crap were bringing me down at a time when, thanks to SAD, eco-anxiety and a global pandemic, I really didn’t need it.  Yellow Lingerie

My partner and I lead pretty normal lives in terms of stuff: I’m a bit of a junk shop junkie but I also happily call myself a Konvert (if you know, you know); we don’t lust after shiny gadgets or interiors trinkets, there’s no defunct exercise equipment gathering dust in a corner. He has barely any clothes, I do charity shop runs with those I don’t wear. Yellow Lingerie And yet, I’d spent the past 18 months working from home in a room that was largely a dumping ground, and panicked that the plumber might get attacked by yoga mats while inspecting the boiler cupboard.

It’s amazing how long we’ll put up with tiny daily inconveniences just to avoid doing the job we’ve been putting off. Or, given the levels of general burn-out, perhaps it’s not. Affordable lingerie But I knew I couldn’t face Christmas  – or summon the mental capacity to think about presents, and a social calendar, let alone the prospect of adding yet more stuff to home that already felt swollen – without doing a clear-out.

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