Valentine’s Day Lingerie

Marie Kondo has encouraged millions around the world to declutter their homes and wardrobes. But what happens to the items that no longer “spark joy”? According to the World Wear Project, 85 per cent of textiles ends up in landfills. Valentine’s Day Lingerie Meanwhile, figures from the Environmental Protection Agency suggest the US alone produces around 15 million tons of textile waste every year.

Experts say the popularity of the KonMari method is only exacerbating the problem. Charities and resellers have been inundated with items since the Japanese decluttering guru’s Netflix show, Tidying Up With Marie Kondo, aired in January – only a fraction of which can actually be reused.

Elizabeth L. Cline, author of new book The Conscious Closet, says Kondo’s advice shouldn’t be taken as gospel, particularly as it can lead to unnecessary waste. Latex Lingerie “The ‘spark joy’ method to me is a fast-fashion approach to cleaning out a closet,” Cline tells Vogue. “It’s really impulsive and creates a lot of garbage.”

Instead, clearing out your wardrobe requires considered thought. “Consumers have a lot of power over whether or not the items they’re getting rid of are going to have a second life or if they’re going to landfill,” Cline continues. Vinyl Lingerie

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