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Somehow, we’re in December. Even the chaos of 2021 hasn’t quelled the inexplicable haste that summons the end of the year. Halloween is in the distant past, Bonfire Night a mere memory. We’ve been bombarded by Black Friday and we’re hurtling towards Christmas. Stripes Lingerie The season of beige canapés and steamed-up night buses is upon us. And into this heady mix I propose we throw a new tradition: a winter clean.

I know it sounds foolish – it barely feels like there’s time to unearth last year’s wrapping paper, let alone go full Marie Kondo. Taupe Lingerie But in recent weeks I’ve experienced a persistent clear-out craving, and having given in, I can confirm it is the secret to a calm, bright, and even anti-capitalist Christmas. 

It started with the cutlery drawer. After spending at least six months rummaging around for a particularly useful spatula, I realised it might be more time-efficient to take 10 minutes to just… rearrange it. White Lingerie One sink of water, one plastic tray in the dishwasher, a swift audit of how many knives we actually ever need at one time, and I was opening the cutlery tray with a tiny, delighted little exhale from then on. 

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