Lounge lingerie

I cracked out a shopping bag and dedicated it to charity: in went spare cutlery bound with elastic bands; an enamel soap dish that had lingered in the cleaning drawer for months; a plant pot I didn’t like.Lounge lingerie  This was entry-level stuff, but the buzz was undeniable. I rattled through the bookshelves, delivering two armfuls to the neighbourhood bookshelf. A pile of gardening books the size of a toddler was picked up by a woman who runs a local community horticultural library.

I found myself waking up early on a Sunday morning, my zeal to purge no match for my hangover. Into the hell cupboard I went, dragging out an old hoover, a defunct telly we hadn’t plugged in since we moved, and a photography tripod we thought might come in handy, one day. All three went to the junk shop owner around the corner, who offered to fix a vintage lamp I’d never got around to repairing in exchange. I measured up frames for prints and ordered doorknobs: jobs from a to-do list that was older than the pandemic. Lingerie Costumes. I hoovered up mouse poo with relish. As the space opened up around my feet, I felt my mind doing the same. How we carry these things around without realising.

In recent years, my siblings and I have set aside time to spend together at Christmas rather than buying presents; this year, we’re trialling a “made, re-gifted or thrifted” present policy. We’re privileged that we have enough to not need gifts, and I acknowledge the good fortune that I have a problem of too much, rather than too little. Lingerie Dresses. But the fact is, the planet can’t sustain our current levels of consumption: we have to make do with buying – and using – less.

In confronting all of the clutter I had been hiding behind a door, the bits and pieces I’d forgotten we had, I’m even more convinced that Christmas should be about presence, rather than presents. I wonder if we’d all feel as compelled to shop if we knew exactly what we already owned.

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