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In many cultures, a deep-clean is an integral part of end-of-year traditions. New Year’s Eve in Japan is celebrated by Osouji, a deep-clean that is believed to purify the home to better welcome in new year spirits. In China, Xiao Nian precedes the Lunar New Year’s celebrations, and involves a flurry of cleaning. Khaneh-Tekani means “shaking house” in Iranian and takes place before the new year celebrations of Nowruz. Lingerie Rompers It makes sense to start a new year free of the unnecessary trappings of the one that has been left behind.

There are countless tips out there on how to crack on with it. I recommend watching a few episodes of the utterly joyful Stacey Solomon: Sort Your Life Out on iPlayer, and remembering my two favourite Kondo-isms: gifts exist to be given, not kept out of guilt; and sort through everything in one space before you start putting it away again – otherwise you’ll end up in the same mess. Neon Lingerie Where possible, try not to just throw it away: search community groups, put shout-outs on your Instagram stories, use high street recycling services (Boots take old cosmetics, H&M, among other places, takes textiles), and set up an Olio account. Landfill doesn’t need any more this Christmas.

Decluttering and cleaning is quite a personal practice; we all hold onto things for our own reasons, whether that’s because we think it might be helpful in the future, or because we simply can’t be arsed to deal with getting rid of it. I’ve clung on to most of the old toot in my home for sentimental reasons, because it reminds me of people I love, or have loved. Ultra Sexy Lingerie That’s a worthwhile feeling, too, to be sitting with at this time of year.

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